Brokers Tell All: 5 Ways to Boost House Value

If one wishes to improve one’s home, but also wants to add value to the property, there are cost-effective ways to achieve both of these aims. With house prices steadily rising, it makes sense to develop the home, not only for the added comfort, but also to increase the house value.


Here are five ideas that the experts say will add value to any property.

  1. Create the perfect patio

A patio brings the garden and the home together, and in Western Australia, that is a must. The hot summer days wouldn’t be the same without that shaded terraced area that adjoins the property. If one is looking for patios in Perth, click here for a professional service that incorporates every aspect of patio design and installation. A patio combined with an awning and screens, can actually become a summer room, and the added space is definitely something that will add value to the home.

  1. Renovate the driveway

The driveway is the entrance to the home, and therefore is a focal point. First impressions count, and as far as the home is concerned, the driveway and entrance gates should reflect the property as a whole. With a choice of concrete or asphalt, one can dramatically transform a house with a new driveway, and if this is coupled with a new set of gates and perhaps a change of garage door, the look is complete. This will not break the bank, and is guaranteed to increase the value of the home significantly.

  1. Erect a carport

Perhaps the most cost-effective way to up the value of a house is to add a carport. The modern systems can be added to at a later date, which means the new carport can eventually become a garage, which adds even more value to the residence. A carport can be used for more than just parking the car, especially in the summer months, when the shade can provide an ideal relaxation area.

  1. Go green

The current trend is for energy conservation and eco-friendly practices, and by installing solar panels, one not only saves on utility bills, it also adds considerable value to the home. Apart from the solar energy, one can also harvest rainwater, with affordable systems that enable the occupant to use recycled water for car washing and the garden. A solar powered water heater can save up to 80% on fuel bills, and this is considered a valuable asset for any home.

  1. Landscape the garden

According to the experts, a well-manicured garden adds thousands to a property, and with the Western Australian climate as it is, the garden is very much a part of the home. Combined with a stylish al fresco patio area, a well-designed landscaped garden complements the home, while at the same time adding considerable value to the property.

One’s home is the biggest investment one is likely to make, and with carefully planned improvements, that asset will increase in value, providing the owner with a secure future.

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