8 Genius Ideas for Repurposing Your Garage

Genius Ideas for Repurposing Your Garage

Having a garage is super handy, especially if parking where you live is limited. However, there are many of us who own garages, but barely use them. What’s the point of all that wasted space? After all, space is a precious commodity.

Whether it’s just that we’re using our cars less, so have less need of garage space. Or we simply can’t be bothered with the hassle of putting our cars away each night, if we aren’t using our garages to store our vehicles, there are plenty of alternative ways we can be making the most of all that room. And we don’t just mean a place for storing your laundry machines.

Here are 8 simply genius alternative uses for your garage space.

#1. Office

For millions of people, working from home is the new norm. And while many of us are headed back into the office, there’s still plenty of people who’ve given up the commute for good.

Working from your kitchen table, however, is less than ideal. A garage space could easily convert into a professional office space. All you need is a desk, chair, electricity setup and a wifi signal. Easy.

Having an office in the garage can also help keep home and work separate, a problem many have faced in recent months. Keep your free time sacred, by leaving your work at the garage door.

#2. Games Room

Everyone needs a place to let off some steam and have some fun. Inject some fun into your day with your very own games room. Need a break? Head to the games room for a quick round of darts. Or have some friends over for a game of pool, table tennis, snooker, you name it.

You could even go all out, invest in some classic arcade games and bring back those childhood memories. Pacman anyone?

Perhaps your idea of a games room is more “virtual” gaming. In which case, hook up your games console and big screen TV, add a couple of gaming chairs and dive into the latest Call of Duty mission, either solo or with the squad.

#3. Gym

As life gets busier again, you may find you have less time to make it to the gym or to that yoga class. Save some time by installing a gym at home, in your empty garage. You don’t need a ton of fancy equipment. Just a yoga mat, an exercise ball and some weights is enough to get started. Plus, you’ll have no excuse on those cold mornings not to hit the gym, when all it takes is a few steps from the kitchen!

Love to dance? You could take things one step further and line the wall with mirrors to create your very own miniature dance studio. Grab your leotard and sweatbands and channel your inner Flashdance.

#4. Bar

Unwind after a long day with your favourite beverage, served from your very own bar. Perhaps you fancy yourself an amateur mixologist – you can practice making up some delicious cocktails for your friends and family. You could even give your bar a theme, like the Copacabana bar or a 1920s speakeasy.

Or perhaps you just want a place to store your favourite wine, ready to pop open with a couple of glasses for you and your other half. Bliss.

#5. Hobby/Craft Space

Why not dedicate a space for your favourite hobby? Whether it’s crafting, painting or woodwork, turning your garage into a workshop gives you the space to hone your skills. You might even decide to turn it into a side hustle once you’ve mastered your craft. After all, some of the world’s biggest companies started off in garages!

#6. Home Cinema

Kick back, relax and enjoy your favourite movie, accompanied by a super size bowl of popcorn. Turn your garage space into a home cinema. You can install a home entertainment system with 8K picture and surround sound for a truly cinematic experience. Or set up a projector and show movies drive-in style on a blank wall.

#7. Library

Avid reader? Running out of space to store your growing collection of books? Create a dream library worthy of Belle herself. Line the walls with shelves, add some cosy lighting, a rug and a chair and you’ve got the perfect cosy reading set up. Spend hours curled up in peace and quiet, escaping into different worlds from the comfort of your newly renovated garage.

#8. Teen Hangout Zone

Need a little peace and quiet from the teenagers that have taken over your house? Keep your home a haven by sending your not so little ones off into their very own teen hangout zone. Set up a few beanbags, a games console and you can enjoy some uninterrupted peace while they have fun.

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you with some of our brilliant ideas. Or, maybe you’ve come up with a few more. We’d love to hear them!

If you’re already drawing up the plans for repurposing your garage, there is one thing you should keep in mind…

Many garages built before 1999 have asbestos present in the roofing (and sometimes the walls) Even if you’re a keen DIYer, you should never attempt to remove asbestos yourself. You’ll need to hire a professional, with specialist equipment and health and safety training.

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