• 10 Tools Most Plumbers Ought to Use

    Plumbers are the ones who are specialized to install, maintain, repair, and replace the systems that are used for drainage, sewage, or potable water. Professionals such as A+ Construction & Remodeling must use useful tools to provide customers with reliable and quality services. This guide provides you with information regarding the tools that are mostly used by plumbers.

    1. Pipe Wrench

    A pipe wrench is a common tool that is used by professional plumbers. It is considered the largest wrench among plumbers. The purpose of using this tool is to loosen or tighten the fittings and nuts on pipework.

    Typically, two pipe wrenches are used together by the plumbers, where one is used for rotating the nut and the other is used for holding the pipe in place. Pipe wrenches are available in different sizes.

    2. Hacksaw

    You may have seen carpenters using a hacksaw but it is also used by the best plumbers for cutting through a variety of hardware. The hardware may include screws, bolts, nuts, pipes, etc. It is very tough work to perform. So, the plumbers must keep their blades secure.

    3. Pliers

    Like wrenches, pliers are also used by plumbers daily as it are one of their most common tools. plier is one of the best and smallest tools that are used by plumbers. It is because this tool is helpful in tightening and loosening the bolts and nuts that are difficult for a wrench to do. The pliers also fit in the hands of the plumbers easily, as they can carry them without any difficulty.

    4. Adjustable Wrench

    This tool is also used by plumbers in their everyday life. It is mostly used for loosening and tightening the hexagonal fittings and nuts on the pipes. You can buy an adjustable wrench in different sizes. The most common size of this tool used by plumbers are 6 inches and 10 inches.

    5. Goggles

    Goggles are included in the common tools of plumbers. It is important for the plumbers to wear goggles if they are examining leaks, soldering, or any other thing which could be dangerous for their eyes. So they wear goggles to keep themselves safe and protect their eyes. These are worn by the plumbers right before they start doing their work.

    6. Crimpers

    Crimpers are also used by plumbers, along with other types of tools for piping and other purposes. Basically, crimping can be defined as joining many pieces of metal or any other kind of material by using the method of deforming either both or one of them so that they could hold each other.

    Crimpers are used by professional plumbers mostly for PEX. It is one of the more expensive but useful tools for plumbers. The plumbers believe that it is better to buy expensive tools instead of using cheap ones.

    7. Plungers

    Plungers are also one of the most useful and common tools used by plumbers. They use this tool to clearing the blockages in the pipes and drains. They always carry this tool with them. There is a rubber suction cup in the plungers, which is attached with a plastic or wood-made stick known as a shaft.

    8. Stubby Screwdriver

    You may consider this tool a basic tool as compared to others. But it is considered one of the most important tools for plumbers. It should be included in the tool list of all the plumbers before starting any work.

    A stubby screwdriver is considered a job-saver tool which can be used by the plumber for loosening or tightening a screw. It is mostly used for hard-to-reach places. Stubby screwdrivers are also available with multiple flathead bits.

    9. Thread Sealing Tape

    This tape is used by the plumbers almost everywhere when performing every task. Mostly, it is used for preventing or patching leaks at threaded joint connections. This tape is very helpful in sealing the cracks or leaks in the pipe.

    It is a quality tape which is used by plumbers to fix leakages. This tape is resistant to low and high temperatures. Thread sealing tape does not dry out and stretches well.

    10. Borescope

    The borescope is one of the most common and useful tools used by plumbers in their daily life. It is included in top-of-the-line technological tools. These are small cameras that are carried by the plumbers. These cameras consist of flexible and long cables, which are used for inserting into sewer lines and drains.


    You should know about the common tools used by the plumbers in their daily life. You can also keep these tools in your house. You must buy the right tools at reasonable prices. This guide has provided you with detailed information regarding the plumbing tools that are used by professional plumbers.

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