• Which Loft Ladder Material Do You Choose?

    One of the biggest advantages that loft ladders offer is that they come in a variety of different options to suit the needs of both yourself and your home. Not only can you choose the type of ladder, which includes the traditional sliding loft ladder, concertina loft ladders, or staircases, all of which offer different operating mechanisms but you can also choose the material in which they’re made out.

    Besides the odd loft ladder that is produced using plastic materials, the majority of ladders are typically made from either wood or aluminum. But, which do you choose?

    Here, we run through the advantages that both wooden loft ladders and aluminum loft ladders have to offer. Read on to find out more!

    Advantages & Disadvantages Of Wooden Loft Ladders

    When it comes to loft ladders, wooden options are by far the most common choice as they provide a certain appeal that aluminum options cannot replicate. Firstly, it may be hard to believe but wooden loft ladders are far sturdier and durable than their aluminum counterparts. This means that they possess a greater weight rating, perfect if you plan on using your ladder to shift heavy items up and down from your loft.

    As a result of being stronger, however, wooden loft ladders are heavier than aluminum ladders. This may be an issue for some people if they need to extend and fold their ladder on a more frequent basis. The majority of wooden loft ladders come with either a folding or sliding operating mechanism which requires you to temporarily support the weight of the ladder when deploying it. If you aren’t that strong or are unable to support the weight, this may quickly become an issue for you.

    When it comes to aesthetics, wooden loft ladders are by far the more preferable option for homeowners as they complement a wider range of interior designs and home décor. Since nearly all homes are built using some sort of wooden material or have wooden features, a wooden loft ladder is hardly going to look out of place. Aluminum loft ladders, on the other hand, can stick out like a sore thumb in some household settings.

    Advantages & Disadvantages Of Aluminum Loft Ladders

    Just because wooden loft ladders offer several advantages over aluminum options, it doesn’t mean you have to disregard them as they also provide several benefits that make accessing your loft space easier and safer.

    Firstly, aluminum ladders may not offer the same chic appearance as wooden ladders, but some can look just as sleek when installed in the right setting. Certain homes that have been built and designed with a contemporary look and feel will be more suited to aluminum ladders rather than wooden ones. Concertina loft ladders, for example, offer a sleek and stylish option perfect for a home that is limited when it comes to space.

    Another great reason to choose an aluminum loft ladder is that they are extremely light and easy to maneuver. If you’ve ever wondered why metal ladders are produced using aluminum instead of other materials such as steel, now you know why. Being easy to handle and operate is a huge benefit to have when it comes to your loft ladder as the last thing you want is for the ladder to be too heavy for you to use.

    So, which do you choose? The choice is ultimately down to you. Choose a loft ladder that suits your needs in terms of how often you plan on using it, how capable you are of supporting it when taking it out and one which fits the look and style of your home. If you find a ladder that supports all of these areas, whether that’s a wooden or aluminum one, then go ahead and get it installed – you will not regret it when it makes accessing your loft a whole lot easier.


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