• What Should You Do When Your Garage Door Gets Damaged?

    Homeowners heavily rely on garage doors. Having said that, it is imperative for this entry system to work efficiently day in and day out. With frequent use, your garage door can fail any time. Regardless of your garage door problem, it can bring inconvenience to your daily routine. A malfunctioning garage door also causes a serious threat to security. If there is something wrong with your garage door, it is important that you address the problem as soon as possible to prevent damage, accidents or injuries.

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    Why does a garage door malfunction?

    Broken cable-Lifting cables or also referred to as wire rope can become brittle over time. When they start to fray and you continue to operate your garage door, the cables can snap anytime.

    Broken spring-The springs are just as important as your cable. Using your garage door frequently makes spring breakage unavoidable. You will need to replace the springs to restore your door’s efficient performance.

    Electrical issues-Power is required for your garage door to open. However, the fuse can blow causing your garage door to stop working. Whether electrical problems are due to frayed wires or water damage, you have to call a professional to handle issues with your electrical door.

    Wear and tear-Your garage door can become subject to wear and tear, especially if you are using it for years. Premium rollers and other components may last for years, but you cannot always guarantee that your door will operate smoothly as long as you want. Replacement components or your entire garage door if it is no longer working properly.

    Photo eye-A photo eye refers to the tiny sensor attached to both sides of your garage door. They consist of invisible beam to prevent shutting on top of an object or a person. This is an essential safety feature that when misaligned or disconnected can cause a serious problem.

    The only solution you need so your garage door functions again is to hire a garage door repair Bedford technician. You will not necessarily have to replace the entire door if the only problem is with your broken springs. The same is true with other broken components like tracks, sensors, rollers, opener and hinges.

    Total replacement will only be necessary if you are experiencing massive cosmetic or functional damage on your garage door. Technicians can even repair minor cosmetic damage like dings, scratches, and dents so your garage door will look like new. In many cases, you can also replace the panel instead of getting rid of the whole door. When replacing the panel, do not attempt to undertake a DIY project. Leave this job to a garage door expert.

    Common garage door repair options to consider

    You need to identify the source of the problem as early as possible. Regular maintenance helps you to detect problems before they turn into costly repairs. Lubricating your garage door and cleaning it properly allows your door to run efficiently. Call a professional garage door repair technician to perform inspection. Inspecting your door will help a specialist to detect surface damage, discoloration and other problems that are hiding in plain sight.

    If you have a stuck garage door due to wheel track obstruction, malfunctioning garage door openers or sensor obstruction, a garage door technician can fix these issues in no time. Avoid forcing the door shut as it can only damage the motor, belt, chain and opener. You will need to call a professional who is an expert at emergency garage door repair. The problem might only be with the lock. There are many cases in which homeowners accidentally lock themselves out.

    A damaged garage door section also needs immediate attention. If the middle or bottom section has been damaged, you have to replace this component promptly. If you are going to replace two or more garage sections, it might be better to consider replacing the whole door. The cost of replacing more than two damaged sections is the same as door replacement. A garage door that is grinding, squealing or screeching also needs repair. Avoid using harsh chemicals especially when cleaning the tracks. Coat tracks with lubricant so it will run smoothly.

    A failing garage door indicates a problem with one of its components. It can be a broken chain or cable. Unless you talk to a qualified technician, you will never know the real source of the problem.

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