• What are the Different Types of Polished Concrete Services?

    First, we should understand what we mean by polished concrete. It refers to a complex process of hardening the floor to a concrete level. This practice has been very famous in recent times. This is mostly because there are many benefits one can get by having polished concrete floors. The various benefits include facts such as extended life span for floors and other such benefits.

    Different Types Of Polished Concrete Services

    Since this method of polished concrete services is so famous, we find that there are different types of concrete polishing services available in the market. Let us have a look at the different types of services that are available for our use.

    Cream Polish

    If you opt for the cream polishing, then you will get a very nice sheen on the floor and a very prim and proper look. This service is very popular amongst homeowners, but it is open to many risks of getting damaged and getting stained. Therefore, you should select this service only after deliberating the amount of foot traffic your floor will be experiencing.

    Salt and Pepper Polish

    This one of the most popular types of polished concrete services that are used by homeowners. The primary reason for the popularity of this method is that it resists stain, however, this kind of polishing requires regular maintenance. This is done by grinding a 1-2 mm layer of the flooring. This service may also sport some cracked tiles and spots which will add to the overall allure for the flooring in your house.

    Aggregate Exposure Finish

    Another service of polished concrete that we find many people using Is the aggregate exposure finish. Under this system we have two separate types of services which are random exposure aggregate polish and full exposure aggregate polish. The concrete is ground depending upon the exposure provided with the floor. This is great for floors that are likely to experience heavy foot traffic to avoid any chips later on and extend the life span of the floor.

    Pavilion Finish (Outdoors)

    If you are looking for polishing services for outdoors, then you can choose the pavilion finish. This particularly used for areas near pool, pathways, etc. The method is simple, firstly, the concrete is ground to expose the rock and is the acid washed to make it non-slippery.

    Therefore, these are the common types of services that are used. One should determine the kind of service to use after understanding the usage of the floor in the house.

    Benefits of hiring Professionals Polished Concrete Services


    The major reason why we should resort to hire professional services for polished concrete services is that it is way more convenient for us. You don’t really have to work on the maintenance part. A regular wiping is sufficient to keep the floor looking shiny and glossy. Moreover, a professional company will do the right work ensuring that you get the desired result.

    Waxing for Our Floors:

    Another benefit that we get from hiring professional polished concrete services is that they will help us in providing waxing for our floors which will keep the shine of our flooring intact and enhance the overall look of our house. We should also note that these waxing services may be provided complimentary with the concrete polishing services. Hence this helps us in saving some cost that we may incur to wax our floors.


    In the end we can conclude hiring a professional service for the polishing of concrete is a good decision. It ensures that the flooring lasts longer and is durable.

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