• What Are the Advantages of Plantation Shutters?

    Do you remember the song ‘Everything Old is New Again’ written by Peter Allen? These few words can define the nature of plantation shutters. In ancient times, this shutter was used in colonial homes, but these have transformed now, and you can spot them in most of the houses. You can install plantation shutters on your windows, outdoor patios, balcony, and porches. These have become a great way to give your house a facelift. They can change the overall look of your interior and give a classical touch of sense in your home décor. Apart from that, there are numerous benefits of plantation shutters, and here, you can find some of their advantages.

    Advantages of Installing Plantation Shutters:

    #1.Longevity: One of the primary reasons people opt for these shutters is that these shutters are far more durable than the other type of window treatments. They are versatile, last longer and are not impacted by the UV rays. As these shutters are trendy and available in various shades and colors, you do not need to change such shutters every year. Since shutters can open and close easily, you don’t need to add curtains to it.

    #2. Easy to Maintain: You can easily clean the plantation shutters on a regular basis. Cleaning the shutter is very easy. All you need is a damp cloth and wipe it through the blades. For regular cleaning, you can use dust trapping hand wipers and you do not need to change or clean your heavy curtains. Even you do not need to spend huge time on hanging your heavy curtains and drapes on these shutters, as they do not require such curtains.

    #3. Space Saver: Plantation shutters can save your window space and they do not occupy your wall space. You can easily install them on any window frame or you can use your outdoor support beams to install such shutters. In this case, you do not need to install them with hardware such as curtain rods, drawstrings, and valances.

    #4. Saves the Indoor Furniture: You can close the blades of your shutters during the daytime to save your furniture from getting affected by the sun’s heat. Your furniture, carpets and wooden floor can get affected by the sun’s heat and moisture, and you need to change or repair such furniture every year. In this case, you can use plantation shutters to protect them and such shutters can save your maintenance cost. Apart from that, these shutters can give you the utmost privacy and they can reduce the noise pollution level.

    #5. Maintains Temperature: Since plantation shutters give you the leverage to open or close is as you require, and thus prevent the heat from penetrating inside the house. Thus it helps in maintaining the temperature in the house.

    #6. Safe to Use: Sharp edges, uncovered outlets, and heavy curtain rods are dangerous for your children. Even you can find some cords hanging from window coverings that present risks for your children and pets. In the case of plantation shutters, you can eliminate such risks and you can easily control their blades with remote control. Even, you can find levers on manual shutters to control their blades.

    So now you can search such plantation shutters online and choose the best quality shutters for your home improvement.  Make sure that you check all the options, and then make a decision. Also, you need to scour the internet to find out the best plantation shutter installation company so that you are assured of quality work. They are a great way to enhance the aesthetics of the house while maintaining safety and security.

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