• Vinyl Flooring: The Best Way to Decorate Your Home

    Flooring time? A big decision time? Need a flooring option that won’t make dents in your pocket rather adds a plus to your home decoration, the answer is VINYL FLOORING which is latest and super-hot in trend right now. Vinyl flooring segment comes under the category of resilient flooring. If you need a durable, affordable, stylish, water resistant, and classy flooring, then make a choice for vinyl flooring as it promises you all of the above features.

    Vinyl sheet flooring

    Getting vinyl sheet flooring in Singapore is very easy and reliable, this flooring is on the top of the list of the homeowners.

    Why choose vinyl flooring as a member of your dream home decoration?

    Simple and easy installation:

    This factor is most alluring as vinyl flooring needs few simple tools for installation with peel and stick process, which is less time-consuming.

    Totally pocket-friendly:

    Vinyl flooring is low in price and maintenance which gives you the freedom to revamp the flooring whenever you need.

    Realistic looks:

    This flooring style takes the décor of your dream home to next level as they give a high-end appearance to the floors.

    Moisture absorption scores zero:

    They are water resistant and ideal for kitchen, laundry and even for bathrooms.

    Provide warmth to bare feet:

    Vinyl flooring gives more warmth and smooth feel as compared to cold, hard tile flooring.

    Anti-skid feature:

    This flooring type is not only waterproof but also have anti-slip properties which allow you to enjoy every moment without the worry of slipping.

    Vinyl Flooring

    Now, time to know about the types of vinyl flooring:

    Vinyl tile flooring:

    Vinyl tiles feature lightweight material, peel and stick type easy installation, and portray a timeless natural stone-look and wood- look. If in any case, damage occurs to any tile, it is easy to change that single tile without disturbing the whole flooring. Vinyl tiles give you options to explore the designer inside you, by designing the flooring with the colors and contrasts with which your dream home looks trendy and classy.

    Vinyl sheet flooring:

    Vinyl sheet is also called as printed vinyl. They come in large rolls without the hassle to cut into pieces before the use. The most remarkable advantage of the vinyl sheet is it is waterproof and also there are no joints that make the seepage of water in the floor further causing the damage. Various patterns, designs, and colors are available in vinyl sheets which help you to give the desired look to your home flooring. One can buy vinyl sheet flooring in Singapore through the market as well as online.

    Vinyl plank flooring:

    Vinyl plank flooring gives you a realistic hardwood flooring look and its interlocking designs add the water resistant feature to this flooring. Planks thickness varies from 2mm to 8mm making it suitable for housing projects.

    The range of colors and patterns:

    There is a wide range of colors and patterns in vinyl flooring which gives a mimicking gorgeous look to your home. Arturo white, Arturo beige, Arturo Bruno, Arturo Girgio, Arturo walnut, Arturo Nero are few colors which are easily available in Singapore as they are in the latest color trend of vinyl flooring. GOOD LUCK!

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