• Unique Green Tiles for the Bathroom and Kitchen

    Green tones create a strong sense of calm and tranquillity when used in the home, especially in the kitchen or bathroom where you have the freedom of getting creative with your coordinating materials, finishes and decorative items. The colour green has long been connected with boosting energy and creativity making it a favourite colour choice for many different styles of interior design. Including green tones in your tile selection is an excellent way to introduce more colour in your design scheme thanks to the many different varieties and colour options available, from cool minty tones to warm and vibrant emerald hues, each creating its own unique sense of character in the home.

    Botanical Interior Design Schemes with Ceramic Tiles

    Botanical interior design schemes include bold bursts of deep emerald tones that instantly create a soothing and tranquil vibe in your home’s interiors. These deeper colour tones are most prominent in ceramic wall tiles, where colours are heavily saturated to create a bold and striking feature element. A top trending design scheme, create a luscious botanical look in the kitchen or bathroom by pairing your emerald green tiles with lighter toned timbers and touches of contrasting shades or colours such as crisp whites, vibrant yellows and other citrus hues for a magical experience that will create a high-energy environment in your home.

    Kitchen tiles

    Caption: Kitchen tiles can be used as extensively or as conservatively in your design as you like! Rather than being restricted to tiling the splashback, you can opt to use your new wall tiles in your kitchen design scheme to clad an entire wall for a truly show stopping feature element. Complement with a range of assorted earthy materials such as warm timbers and sleek concrete for the perfect botanical themed colour palette.

    Minty Vintage Inspired Designs with Concrete and Concrete-Look Tiles

    Concrete tiles (also referred to as encaustic tiles) are made using cement that is poured into a mould to create different shapes as well as patterns. Colours can be added into the cement mixture to create a vibrant design, resulting in a bold and distinct look. Minty greens as well as deeper, charcoal infused green tones are especially prominent in these types of tiles, making them an excellent option in designs where you are looking to include a touch of colour and pattern.

    You will often see these exciting tiles being used in traditional period style homes where their stylish geometric patterns add to the home’s charm and character. Modern encaustic tile designs however are available in a large range of options, from more traditional styles to more modern looks that will tie in well with any style of interior. It is important to note during your tile selection that concrete is a porous material that will require regular sealing in order to ensure that any surface dirt or spills do not penetrate into the tile itself and cause stains or discolouration to occur. The sealing process will only need to be completed every few years or so (depending on the amount of wear your wall or floor tiles see) and there are many specific tile cleaning solutions available that will include a small amount of sealer within the product which will dramatically reduce the amount of time needed in between professional sealing of your concrete tiles.


    Caption: Modern tile-making techniques allow for popular materials such as concrete to be recreated using porcelain. Unlike concrete tiles, porcelain tiles are non-porous so they will not require sealing at any time throughout their lifespan. The sturdy porcelain material is resistant to heat, scratching and staining, making it an excellent alternative option in high-traffic areas where a more sensitive material would not be suitable.

    Thanks to the many advances made in the world of modern tile manufacturing, encaustic tiles can now be recreated using porcelain for a low maintenance alternative option to traditional concrete. This option allows for the creation of more user-friendly bathroom spaces for example; as floor tiles see the most wear in the bathroom, porcelain tiles would make the best floor finish, whereas an authentic concrete tile can be used as a wall finish for the perfect complement.

    Classic Design Schemes with Handmade and Handmade-Look Tiles

    The beauty of a handmade product is that no two pieces are exactly the same. This unique quality offers a distinct look in the home and is especially attractive in tiles where the tonal variations as well as the organic uneven edges and undulating surface finish of handmade wall tiles will create a wonderfully earthy and soothing touch in your interior design scheme.

    As handmade tiles will show some unevenness on the surface and are most often finished in a luscious glaze, they are usually most suited to wall applications only (of course, there are some exceptions to this so it is always best to confirm the specific tile’s intended use with your local tile shop prior to making your final tile selections). This quality makes handmade and handmade-look tiles the perfect solution for the bathroom walls as well as a kitchen splashback, creating a charming effect with a strong sense of character in your design.

    handmade-look tiles

    Caption: If you are instead looking for an authentic handmade look in your design in a more economical price bracket, handmade-look tiles offer an excellent alternative option without the price tag! These wall tiles are machine made to include the same slight imperfections and organic textures that handmade products are so well known for.

    An increasingly popular trend in the home, using green tiles creates a sense of serene tranquillity. The colour’s obvious connection to nature makes it the perfect choice for creating a soothing atmosphere in the home. Each different shade of green can create an entirely different look or style in your interior design scheme from a bold botanical look to a vintage or classic theme. Using different kitchen and bathroom tiles, you can create the perfect look in your next interior design project that is truly inspired by nature!

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