• Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

    When to comes to adding value to your property, you will need to keep on top of maintenance jobs such as fixing broken door handles and fitting double glazed windows. However, there are a few bigger jobs that you will also need to do like getting your kitchen remodelled and this is something that you might want to get professional help with. Some studies claim that fitting a new kitchen before putting it on the market can add between 4-7% of value to it and this is why so many people do work to their kitchen before they try to sell.

    A kitchen is an important room in any household and it is unique in the way that it can be used for all kinds of things, from cooking and chatting to drinking and socialising. You might put your washing machine in the kitchen and some people will use their kitchen to eat in, and it is one of the busiest rooms in a home with people always coming and going. You can employ a kitchen designer to help you to design a modern kitchen area and you will need to calculate your budget before you begin working with a designer, in order for them to come up with a design that suits your needs and your bank account.


    Kitchen Upgrades

    Upgrading your kitchen is something that you can also make good use out of, so if you end up with your house on the market for some time; you can still benefit from using your new kitchen.

    Here are some of the things that you will need to consider when installing a new kitchen:

    • What materials you use
    • The colour scheme
    • If you want all of your appliances from the same brand, such as your kettle and toaster
    • How many cupboards and drawers you need
    • Where everything should go in relation to other things – for example: the oven should be close to the cupboard with plates in, while the dishwasher should be close to the sink

    You can do smaller changes such as add a pot rack to clear some space and one thing that all new kitchens should have is a lot of space, as there is nothing less appealing to potential buyers than a cluttered kitchen.

    Other Handy Tips

    Of course, a kitchen is just one room in a house and there are plenty of other things that you can be doing to add value to your home – although many claim that if you can only afford to change one room, then focus on the kitchen and always hire a good kitchen designer.


    Here are a few other things you can do to add value to a property:

    • Repaint it in fresh colours
    • Invest in new appliances
    • Have a spring clean and declutter the entire property
    • Clear the garden
    • Replace worn rugs and carpets

    Go around your property and repair leaking taps, scuffed skirting boards, chipped windows, broken panes and dented doorways to give your entre home a good overhaul for a low cost.

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