• Tips for Designing a Game Room

    Game Room

    Do you have a space in your home that you would like to transform into a game room? A game room can open the door to spending quality time with friends and family without the constant presence of smartphones. Take this project off your bucket list and put it on your action list. You don’t need an unlimited budget or the service of an expensive personal decorator to transform a drab space into a fun family game room. The ages of your children will play a huge role in determining the design and components of the space. Follow these recommendations from the professional designers to transform your space into a fabulous game room that will serve as the back drop for hours of family fun and memories to last a life time.

    The first step in the design process is to set a budget.  Once the budget has been established, determine which games you would like in the space. Is there room in the space and budget for a pool table? Is a ping pong table a more realistic alternative? A game table can be a great addition for board games, puzzles and more. Check out the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and include the fun dominos set from True Religion into the mix of games available for friends and family members.  Depending on the budget, custom cabinetry or a ready to assemble shelving unit can be used to store games and puzzles.

    Select a soft shade of paint for the space that compliments any other spaces within the sight line of the game room. Apply two coats and touch up trim work and doors as needed. Allow at least twenty four hours for the paint to dry and cure before returning any furnishings into the space.  Bold accent colors can be introduced through draperies, throw pillows and accessories. Steam clean flooring after painting has been completed.

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    A mini-fridge and popcorn maker are both fun additions to game rooms. The options are truly only limited by your imagination. Best of luck to you in bringing your game room to life and setting the stage for hours of family fun.

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