• Things That Should Never go in Your Tumble Dryer


    Right, I’ll start, cars, fish, small children and rocks. That’s probably not quite what this article is about so let’s get a bit serious and find out the type of items people have believed belong in their tumble dryer and items that shouldn’t ever be anywhere near a tumble dryer.

    To tumble dry or line dry? We suggest a combination of both but in the UK you can never be too sure when the next drop of rain, forecast or not, will arrive so you take your chances over here hanging it out to dry on the line. While air-drying does take more time, it’s sometimes the best way to dry some delicate items if you can guarantee the rain will stay away. On the other hand, tumble drying will save you plenty of time, hassle and even some items do not need ironing. Result!

    Some of the safer items you can place into your tumble dryer are towels, cloths, jeans, socks and jumpers. Just follow the wash care symbols on the clothing labels to choose the right settings for your clothes as some can be dried at higher temperatures than others and some may not like going in at all.

    Silk is a very delicate fabric, so it’s highly recommended to take it to the dry cleaners. It’s not something that does really well in a tumble dryer to be honest so a quick visit to Johnsons might well be in order. Wool is another fabric that shouldn’t go in your tumble dryer in most situations even though some dryers have a wool mode. I would suggest there are better ways to dry wool and at the same time maintain the feel and colour of the garment. After all, sheep aren’t supposed to go in a tumble dryer, are they?

    Here we have some top tips for your tumble dryer to ensure you are getting the very best out of it. Tumble dryers can be expensive to run and the shorter time you can have them running for the better so when the clothes come out of the washing machine don’t just throw the whole lot into the dryer, take your time to lay out the clothes so they can dry a bit which will mean less time needed in the dryer, which will save you money. You might also want to separate the clothes into the type of material they are as all materials will take different times to dry. Again, this is a good tip to get your tumble dryer running for a shorter time.

    One way to ruin your tumble dryer is by putting too much in it in one go. If there is not enough space for the air to circulate then the dryer can overheat, it also takes far longer to dry your items such as a duvet, which we would always suggest you take to the dry cleaners for a better clean and dry.

    Next up always check the care labels on your items of clothes, sometimes an item that you think would love a little trip to tumble drying would really maybe end up being sick on the roller coaster, so always read the label before you throw it in.

    Thanks for reading our article on what should and what shouldn’t go in the tumble dryer, written in collaboration with Appliance World Online, leading suppliers of tumble dryer Manchester. We hope that you have found it as riveting to read as it was to write, be sure to tune into the next exciting episode of tumble drying weekly.

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