• Stylish Interior Design Ideas for Kids Room


    Looking for great ideas to design your kids room?

    Well, it can be very challenging, sometimes even more than designing your living room!

    With the kids growing at a fast pace and their choices changing regularly, it can be hard to keep up with their specific tastes. As kids grow up, they have a particular vision of how they want their rooms to look.

    While the kid’s version of the room may not always be possible to create, you can still come close. You can combine the kid’s imagination with your practical ideas and hire experienced kids room interior designers in Bangalore to make your kid’s dream possible.

    6 Ideas to Design Your Kid’s Room

    1. A Mini Playhouse Room

    This is every kid’s dream — a room complete with many playthings and a small playhouse right inside the room!

    You can make this playhouse with a slanted roof or add a staircase and convert it into a playhouse with bunk beds. Bright colours go well with this theme of a playhouse and you can get matching room accessories to go with it.

    1. A Multifunctional Space

    While funky, colourful designs work well for younger age kids, multifunctional space is what the older kids want.

    You can get the help of the interior designers in Bangalore to make maximum use of the space available to partition it for the sleeping area, the study area, the play area with multiple seating sections spread around the room.

    You can include matching bunk beds, study table, drapes and shelves along with wallpapers that go with the theme of your kid’s choice.

    1. A Bright & Sunny Tropical Room

    Having an airy, bright room does wonders for the kid’s growth. You can use attractive, soothing colours like yellow and orange as the room’s central colour theme and complement it with wide and colourful accessories.

    Make sure to have innovative tables, chairs and storing areas that the kids enjoy to use. You can also use bright coloured wallpapers for the whole room or just on one side. You can let your kid choose the wallpaper and then pick out the furniture and other room accessories based on it.

    1. An Eclectic, Colourful Playroom

    Kids are all about colours, especially when they are in the younger areas. The more colours you add to their room, the more vibrant it looks and feels like a kid’s area.

    You can place bright stuffed animals around the room, throw in colourful pillows, frames and pompoms. You can also add ceiling hanging decor depicting the kid’s favourite cartoon characters.

    When you go with the theme of an eclectic playroom with colourful room decor, then make sure to have a pleasing colour as the background. If not, you can go for colourful wallpaper patterns and design the room accessories based on your kid’s favourite colour!

    1. A Pretty Room with a Reading Nook

    When you want your kids to develop the reading habit, you can create a reading nook next to a big window.

    This reading nook can be used as a safe space for your kids to paint, draw, write, read or explore their creativity in any way they wish. You can also have a small table nearby with a table lamp and position the reading nook in such a way that it brings enough sunlight into space.

    If you’re having trouble identifying the reading nook, you can always get the help of home interior designers in Bangalore to guide you.

    1. A Modern Kids Room with Bold Patterns

    For a modern kid’s room, you can include lots of simple yet sophisticated wallpaper or paint combinations. With such a neat background, you can opt for room furniture and decor in bold patterns that accentuate the room.

    As the kid grows up, the Interior Designers in Bangalore can customize the room with the existing decor and make it work for their age.

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