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    British Columbia is one of the provinces in Canada. It is known as BC and can be found in the western part of Canada in between the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Ocean. Vancouver is considered the largest city in this province however Victoria is the capital.

    Most of the people chose to live and settle in  the west coast of Canada because it has a lot of opportunities to offer as well as the appealing scenic views it has. Moving to British Columbia from Nova Scotia is one of the popular choices of most of the people. Moving companies had approximately 35% of moving projects in 2021 in this province alone both moving locally and moving long distance. Atlantic Coast Movers, top movers and Top Canada movers also successfully finished several moving works like province to province moving to British Columbia from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and other East Coast Provinces. Local movers in British Columbia and long distance movers have carried out moving works in the past two years even though there has been a pandemic.

    We, at Atlantic Coast Movers, would like to discuss the reasons why people have chosen this place, also breaking down the advantages and disadvantages of living in British Columbia.

    1. Spectacle Beauty of Nature– this province has a lot of places to discover. Living in Vancouver which is a big city with natural diversity plus the beaches surrounding this place what could you ask for. It is like living in the city with a touch of nature that every time you want to relax you will no longer take a long trip for it is widely accessible in your surroundings offering different kinds of indoor and outdoor activities. City and nature work hand in hand in this place.
    2. Excellent Weather– the balance of the climate in this province is perfect. During winter the weather is not that freezing cold as compared to other provinces in Canada while in summer time it is also not blazing hot not like Toronto. The temperature usually ranges between 16°-20°C so the people can enjoy the outdoors activities without even thinking about the hotness from the sun rays. Skiing during winter and enjoying the beaches and mountains in summer.
    3. Exceptional Health Care– British Columbia has both an affordable and reliable health care system. The facilities, services and programs in this province are superb. They have a Medical Service Plan that will give your family an access to avail their top of the class health care system once you enrolled.
    4. System of Education– in 2019 Canada was chosen to be the 3rd best country that has an excellent educational system. It is known that British Columbia got the highest rank among all the provinces in Canada and the reason why Canada got the 3rd rank. British Columbia has three types of educational ladder that anyone can choose from. Public schools, Private schools and Childcare. All of these schools are offering different kinds of learning programs that will educate the children in every field of education they want. Different schools, different variety of expertise to offer to all ages.

    Here are the downsides of living in British Columbia:

    1. Standard of living is high- British Columbia is considered one of the best provinces in Canada but it is also one of the most expensive places to live in. Usually the cost of the houses and properties in this place are costly compared to other provinces because of the kind of nature and city that you can experience at the same time. Aside from that, this province is also implementing additional taxes to people which is known as the Provincial Sales Tax. So yes, this country is a good choice to move in because it has a lot to offer but think twice because of the amount of money you will be spending.
    2. Boredom- considering that you are not an outdoor person and just choose to stay at home, this place is not the place for you because you might get bored. More of the places in this country are for outdoor activity lovers. This is a province that is surrounded by mountains and beaches so expect that most of the entertainment will be having fun outside.
    3. Being dormant to Natural Calamities- the location of this province might give you a reason to think twice for it is located near the Pacific Ocean and the North American Plate, future disaster might happen. No one can tell the future but it is better to be prepared than to feel sorry afterwards.
    4. Job vacancy limitations- Vancouver is considered one of the best cities in the world. It has different working industries like health care, manufacturing, agriculture and many more. This is the city where opportunities can be obtainable but only in this city. The other cities in this province have limited job vacancies and it is hard to find a sustainable job. Remember that this province is one of the expensive cities and you need to have a permanent job to sustain all your crucial needs everyday.

    These are the things that you need to consider in choosing to live in British Columbia. Apparently, it will still be your option what province you will choose to reside in. Just make sure that you plan and check all the necessary details that you need before making a decision. Remember, always make a decision that prioritizes your inner peace for sometimes it is the smallest decisions that you take that can change your life forever.

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