• Possible Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Doing Proper Cooling

    With the changing weathers cycles the use of air conditioners is increasing day-by-day. For example we have air conditioners working in our cars, public transit as well as our work place and back at home as well. So overall you can say on a good summer day the air con is working around us whole of the time be it at home or work place in form of central air conditioning or direct ones in our rooms.

    An air conditioner is becoming a constant in our life and over the years we can see that buying them is also quite affordable these days as compared to earlier times. But like any other machine this one also needs maintenance and if they are not properly maintained it leads to many problems. One of the constant problem we hear is that the air conditioner is not doing proper cooling. Well although we will always suggest to go for professional repair and maintenance service but it never hurts to know a bit about the machine which you are using so frequently. So let’s find out the possible reasons behind the common problem of not having proper cooling by air conditioner:

    • Damaged Compressor: Compressor is the heart of the cooling system hence a scheduled check-up is mandatory. It’s like a radiator that dissipates heat. The condenser coil must stay clean to dissipate heat outside. If it gets dirty after the critical level, it won’t be able the cool the unit hence your room won’t get cooled. This is a very common problem and mostly ignored which leads to bad cooling.
    • Clogged air filter: Due to dust the air filters get clogged badly and air can not flow properly hence the cooling system gets hampered. Regular cleaning of filters saves lot of time and money as well.
    • Inadequate coolant: The coolant which is present in the evaporator coils helps to cool the air. If the coolant gets reduced it hampers the cooling process. It is best to seek professional assistance like the guys at AC Dallas who are known for their impressive AC repair services which can help check the coolant levels.
    • High atmospheric temperature: Your AC has a best operating temperature (ambient temp) within which it works efficiently. If it finds that the outside climate is too hot then the compressor won’t work efficiently and your room won’t get cooled according to your expectations.
    • The capacity of your AC is not according to your room size: You must consult a pro about the right tonnage of your AC before you buy one from the market. It must be according to the size of your room.
    • Outside fan is not working (in the case of split AC): Check if the outdoor unit and its fan are in working condition or not. The fan plays an important role in proper heat transfer and the failure of it means heating up of the exterior unit which may damage your AC beyond repair.
    • Faulty AC remote: Cross check whether your AC’s remote is working or not. Sometimes the cooling temperature set by your remote gives the wrong setup of temperatures hence cooling doesn’t happen according to your needs.
    • Thermostat malfunctioning: Thermostat is the device which senses your room temperature and gives indications to the AC to start or stop cooling. Hence malfunctioning of it hampers the cooling process of your AC.

    The reason behind a malfunctioning AC has to be any one of the above and you might never know which one to look out for as this may not be your line of work. So it is best to call in the professionals and tell them to run a full diagnostics of your AC for best results.

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