• Noteworthy Advantages of Modern Gas Fires Over Older Models

    Many homeowners tend to ask, “What is the difference between modern gas fires and my old existing one?”

    The simple answer would be, there are newer features, enhanced safety, greater control and of course lower running costs (highly efficient) with modern gas fireplaces. They have come a long way over the past few years.

    When they were first introduced, they were considered more of a decorative feature in one’s home compared with their modern counterparts.

    Now, if you’re considering upgrading your existing hearth, here are a few things you should know about the modern fireplace.

    Enhanced Safety Features

    Enhanced Safety Features

    Stricter safety regulations not only with fireplaces but also with other home appliances led manufacturers to develop new and additional safety features built into modern units.

    These include an automatic flame safety device that cuts off the gas in the event the pilot light goes out and more rigorous standard testing.

    Greater Flame Control

    Compared with older models, modern-day units now come with better flame control. These range from slide and remote control, electronic ignition and even touch controls for high-end units. New units have been designed not only for convenience but also for safety.

    Better Comfort

    Thanks to advances in manufacturing technology, modern gas fires offer better heat and comfort. In fact, these new units can now provide a combination of convected heat and radiant heat, instead of just the latter.

    Not only are new model more efficient in terms of gas usage, but also they have a higher output.

    More Economical

    More Economical

    Now, thanks to its improved efficiencies, they have become more economical. Typically, older models have outputs of around 2.5 kW with a 25% heat efficiency when used for a 7-hour daily average. This leaves household spending an average of £315 annually with today’s prices in gas (based on the standard variable paid tariff). Also, its heat input would be around 10 kW, meaning it requires an air vent.

    On the other hand, running on newer models would require a 3.85 kW heat output, but with an efficiency of 85%. For the same period of time, this would only set you back by £157.50, half the cost of older gas fires.

    This spells an annual savings of more than £150. In other words, the fire would pay for itself in less than 4 years.

    Greater Flame Control

    Improved Choice

    Compared with what was previously available, today’s modern fireplaces offer more flexibility in design choices. This means when you’re upgrading, you only need to find one that best complements the theme or style of your own home.

    Summing up

    Modern gas fires have scores of advantages over older models. Not only do they look beautiful, but also they’re more functional, efficient and convenient, offering safer and better heating options for your home.


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