• How Much Do Granny Flats in Australia Cost?

    A granny flat is appropriately named because these detached units are often occupied by aging family members. Many people prefer to have their older parents or grandparents live as close as possible to them so that they can better care for them and provide assistance as needed, but they also want to enjoy privacy in their own home. Building a granny flat in your yard makes perfect sense in these situations, and you may be wondering how much it would cost to add a granny flat to your property. The cost can range from $10,000 to $70,000 or more depending on several key factors. By more closely analyzing these factors, you can determine if you want to move forward with building a granny flat on your property.

    The Size of the Unit

    The simplest granny flat may resemble an efficiency apartment unit. It may have a very small kitchen area with smaller appliances, and it may have a living/sleeping combination area. Most granny flats have a private bathroom area, but this could be very small or larger and more luxurious. These smaller granny flats may be as large as a large bedroom in your own home. There are also larger granny flats that may have a separate bedroom and dining area as well, and these bigger units may resemble a one-bedroom apartment. More luxurious granny flats may include another room for the resident to use as a hobby room, and there may be a larger front porch area.

    The Building Materials

    The granny flat that you add on to your property will become a permanent addition to it, and this means that it generally will add value to the property. Because of this, many homeowners prefer to use exterior building materials that closely match the building materials of the primary residence. However, more affordable materials that are equally stylish may be used. Stone, stucco and brick are among the more expensive exterior building options to consider, and siding is more affordable. The composition of the roof, the energy efficiency of the windows and other related features can also add on to cost of your building project.

    The Interior Finish Out and Style

    Inside the unit, you also can make many design decisions that can affect the overall cost of the unit. Many older residents prefer to walk on soft carpet, and this is often an affordable option. Wood and tile can be used in some rooms, and this can be costlier to include in your space. The quality of the cabinets and counter tops in the bathroom and kitchen can also affect the final cost of your project. You can opt for simpler cabinets that still have a nice finish, and you can choose laminate counters for a more affordable outcome.

    For some homeowners, there is simply a basic need to build affordable housing for an older relative on their property, and more affordable materials with reasonable finishes will suffice. Others want to ensure that their relative is living in a home fully outfitted for his or her hobbies, personal preferences and more, and they may be willing to spend more money to make this happen. Take time to create a budget for your project, and you likely can construct the ideal home for your loved one on your property.

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