• How Long Do Kitchen Renovations Take

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    A kitchen renovation project can transform your home with incredible results. The kitchen is generally viewed as the heart of the home, and its style and functionality can play a major role in your family’s daily life, in the overall décor of your home and in your property value. While you may be eagerly looking forward to the completion of your kitchen renovation project, you may be aware that your kitchen will be unusable during the project. Cabinets, appliances and other features will simply not be in place. With this in mind, you may be wondering how long you will need to live in a home without a usable kitchen.

    The Typical Kitchen Renovation Timeline

    There are many factors that can affect a kitchen renovation project’s timeline. However, generally, you can expect to be without the functional use of your kitchen for approximately one to two weeks. You will need to pack up everything in your kitchen the day before the demolition takes place. The demolition process typically involves tearing the kitchen down to the studs and removing all flooring, cabinets, appliances, counter tops and more. This phase may take one to two days. After this stage has been completed, new cabinetry can be installed. Counter top specialists may need to professionally measure the cabinets after they have been installed so that the counter top material can be custom-cut for your kitchen. Flooring will be laid down, and appliances may delivered in the few days it takes for your counter top material to be cut and delivered to your home. The counter tops may be installed, and the back splash may be added in the following few days. This generally completes the renovation project.

    Factors That Can Impact Your Kitchen Renovation Timeline

    Many people will hire a general contractor to assist with the coordination of the delivery and installation of all materials for the project. Using a contractor and having professionals install the materials for you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete the project. However, the availability of materials and laborers can affect the timeline On the other hand, some homeowners prefer to complete the renovation project on their own. Because this generally means only one or two individuals are working on the project in their free time, the project may take much longer to complete.

    How to Live Comfortably During the Renovation Project

    Some people will relocate to a hotel during a renovation project, but this is not generally necessary. Regardless of whether you live in a hotel or your own home during this process, you may still need to eat out at restaurants. It can be helpful to set up your coffee maker and microwave in the living room, and you can use a cooler to keep at least a few necessities on-hand. Some people may even relocate their entire fridge into the dining room or garage so that they have access to the fridge’s full contents during the renovation. Be sure to use disposal plates and utensils because your dishwasher and sink will not be accessible.

    While your daily routine may need to be altered during the kitchen renovation project, the end result will be well worth the inconvenience. In a few short weeks, you can enjoy the improved functionality and style of your new kitchen.

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