• Light up your life: 5 lighting ideas for your home

    Redoing the lighting for your home? We’ve got easy ideas to get you started.

    lighting ideas

    Lighting design is a specialised science often used by architects and interior designers to create varied spatial effects within the house. You can do it, too – use these ideas to get started:

    1 The living room. By virtue of being the space that you entertain guests in and spend most of your time indoors in, the living room deserves special home decorating lighting that elevates the appearance of the room. However, the lighting you pick depends on the size of the room. If the living room is large and sprawling, a central chandelier or a large overhanging light that lights up a large area of the room. You can have smaller lights in far-off corners, and one pendant light above the dining table.

    2 The bedroom(s). Try ‘layering’ up the lighting in the bedroom. Start with ambient lighting – it lights up at least 75% of the room and is adjusted such that the room does not look gloomy and you don’t bump into furniture. The remaining is lit up with accent lights or spot lights. Have one central light to flood the room; place it just above or near the bed. You can now have a separate light on the dressing table or study table, and small lamps on the bedside. You can also try string lights all around the mirror.

    3 The kitchen. The kitchen area requires stark white lighting that bounces off the walls. But there is no need to make it look drab and depressing. Instead of a tube light, try spot lights in a row using LEDs. If you have a dining table in the kitchen, a stunning overhanging light fixture that throws yellow light on the table, and smaller corner lights when you just want to hang out and talk.

    4 The bathroom. The bathroom is often not given due consideration in terms of lighting. But it holds tremendous potential for creating a soothing ambience. Here’s a good home décor idea for bathroom lighting: Use yellow LEDs instead of white bulbs, and section off different areas with lights. For instance, the shower area can have a light of its own, while the rest of the bathroom remains dark. Or you can have a series of home decoration fancy lights around the mirror where you do your makeup.

    5 The storage space. Storage areas in the house are often dingy and unloved. Most people don’t even have a light in there – they just shine a torch on it when they go looking for something. A basic bulb with a switch fixed just outside the area is all that is required. If the storage/refuse area is large, you should fix multiple lights to provide illumination even on the top shelves.

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