• How to Create French Country Interiors in a Modern Way?

    French Country Interiors

    What is French country style?

    The French country style is one of the most popular styles today. It combines elements of traditional French farmhouse design with influences from the American West Coast. This style is very relaxed, warm, and inviting. It’s a combination of rustic, modern, and elegant.

    This style is characterized by soft, muted tones and earthy hues such as browns, tans, creams, and grays. Fabrics are often woven, hand-printed, or printed on cotton. They’re paired with furniture crafted out of natural materials like wood, wicker, leather, and stone. Accents include brass, copper, bronze, and silver.

    Another characteristic of this style is the use of patterns and textures. These can be found in wallpapers, rugs, linens, drapes, and pillows. Furniture pieces are usually covered in either tufting or nailhead trim. There are also lots of decorative objects, including vases, bowls, plates, candlesticks, and baskets. Items like these add warmth and character to the room.

    A final characteristic of this style is its emphasis on nature. You’ll find many references to plants, flowers, trees, and gardens throughout the room. Artwork and photography featuring landscapes and seascapes are common.

    The History of French Country Style

    The French countryside is known worldwide for its beautiful landscapes, rich culture and delicious food. But it’s also home to some truly stunning interiors. From rustic farmhouses to grand châteaux, there are many styles of French country decorating throughout France today.

    In the 1700s, the French aristocracy began embracing the country lifestyle, and the designs of the period reflect the influence of the nobility. In fact, French country furniture was originally designed for use in castles and manors. These opulent residences were built around large gardens and fountains, and the furniture reflected the lavish lifestyles of the owners.
    These days, French country decor continues to evolve, adapting to modern tastes while still maintaining the charm and elegance that make it one of the most popular styles of interior design.

    How to Create French Country Style Interior?

    1. Draped Curtains

    A super-long, full drapery that hangs down at the bottom is the epitome of a French countryside style for curtains. Pairing it with an elegant floral print will give it a more sophisticated look. Using lighter colors on a light-colored surface rather than darker ones on a dark-colored surface will create a brighter and more fresh look.

    2. Art Decor

    Art is added to compliment the look and is an important aspect of the decorating scheme; it adds character and personality to a space. There are many different ways art can be incorporated into a home, including wallpapering, painting, sculpture, mosaics, tapestries, mirrors, lighting fixtures, furniture, rugs, textiles, photography, etc. Abstract art is particularly popular because it allows you to showcase your imagination and creativity.

    3. Add Shutters

    The French are famous not just for their fabrics but also for using shutters instead of heavy drapes. They prefer to dress windows with light gauze rather than heavy drapery. Their style is casual and relaxed. With freestanding cabinets, the mind goes back to history, such as traditional brass gates, honing marble draining boards, Belfast sinks, quaint and antique accents, toile fabric, and darker wood cabinetry.

    4. Rustic Furniture

    Furniture made of wood is a must-have if you want to achieve the French country style. Wooden furniture has a timeless appeal and is easy to maintain. A wooden table and chairs set up in front of a window dressed with curtains and a flower arrangement would make the perfect setting for a family dinner.

    5. Natural Materials

    Natural material are widely used in the French country style of interior design. Wood is one example. It’s durable, versatile, and easy to clean. Wicker is another great choice. Its rustic appearance makes it ideal for outdoor spaces. Leather is another material that lends itself well to the French country style. It’s warm and luxurious. The best part about leather is that it doesn’t fade over time.

    6. Floral Prints

    Florals are very popular in the French country style and they’re easy to incorporate into any décor. Choose prints that feature bright colors and bold designs. If you don’t know where to start, try browsing through magazines and catalogues. You can also browse online stores and websites.

    7. Mix of Old and New

    A mix of old and new styles creates a unique look that’s both classic and modern. This style blends vintage pieces with contemporary designs to create a space that feels warm and inviting. Whether you’re looking for a rustic farmhouse vibe or something more sophisticated, there are plenty of ways to add French country interior design to your home.

    8. Natural Showpieces

    A French country style can be achieved through natural materials that surround the entire room, producing an immersive rustic feel. A painted mural is a more modern take on the style that fits into the current decorating theme.

    9. Walls with Drapes

    If you use a repeating pattern for the wallpapers and curtains, it creates an interesting visual effect. However, if too many patterns are mixed together, it becomes chaotic and it’s better to balance them out with calm colors. White is usually chosen because it draws attention and enhances tranquility in the space.

    10. Ornamental Cabinetwork

    A French country-style house has harmony because it was built using natural materials and decorated with items made by hand. You can look for antique furniture at flea markets and antique shops. Or, you can buy reproductions from online retailers.


    The French country style is all about simplicity. It’s about creating a cozy atmosphere that’s comfortable and relaxing. It’s about enjoying life and living in the moment. So, when designing your own home, remember to visit RenoNerds for the latest interior design ideas and a guide on how to get started.

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