• How to be a Security Guard: The Skills And The Tasks Required


    Security guard, as a job, has been continuously evolving in recent years. Today, many companies are hiring guards more than ever before.

    Before contacting any security company, you should know that a security guard must have some qualities.

    But before exposing you to the essential qualities of a security guard, here is some information about their skills and the areas of intervention.

    What is the role of a security officer?

    A security guard provides prevention against the security risks that a company may encounter. They also intervene in the event of incidents or fires and try to assure that someone is safe from any danger.

    Thanks to their vigilance, they prevent damage to property and persons. Its mission is to secure the premises, control access to a building, protect people and thus apply all security procedures.

    The qualities required to become a security guard:

    1-Have good physical condition

    The job of a security guard requires having good physical conditions to patrol the building, remain vigilant and stand up during their surveillance mission.

    2-Have a sense of observation

    This is one of the essential qualities to work in this field. A good security guard must have a keen eye to measure risks, detect suspicious behavior or emergencies and quickly take the necessary security precautions.

    3-The ability to control their emotions

    A security guard must control their emotions in the event of critical situations: verbal or physical aggression, riots, or discomfort. Above all, you do not have to get upset to succeed in your security missions!

    4-Being independent and responsive

    Admittedly, a security guard must respect the instructions and the security plans, but they must also be autonomous and reactive to deal with unforeseen incidents and situations that might arise.

    5-Must be presentable

    Security guards are often in direct contact with the public. They, therefore, represent the company they are working for. So, they must give a positive image of the company. They should always smile and be warm when welcoming customers and people in general.

    Now that you have an idea of ​​the areas of intervention of a security guard and the qualities required to succeed in their missions, all you have to do is contact a security provider and find out about their personalized security offers!

    6-Training is a must

    To be a good security guard, you must be well trained. You are advised to take tough training to gain skills that will help you advance in your profession.

    7-Being passionate

    Many of the security guards are motivated and love their job. Also, they love to assist people.

    What are the job duties of a security guard?

    • Protecting the company’s property.
    • Provide security for company employees
    • Monitor the company site and be aware of any suspicious behavior
    • Prevent any illegal or criminal activity
    • Reporting in detail any suspicious incidents to the competent authorities
    • Take periodic tours inside and outside the building
    • Monitor the arrival and departure of vehicles and ascertain their owners
    • Monitor and control building entrances and car gates.
    • Regularly review surveillance cameras and alarms.
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