• DIY: How to Build a Rammed Earth House

    Save cash on bills, stay warm in the winter and keep cool in the summer by building a rammed earth house. Rammed earth homes are sturdy, durable and will certainly stand the test of time. A concrete slab foundation is needed first of all so when digging out the earth the area has to be twice as deep as the slab. The ground needs to be cleared of stones, debris or any other materials. Preparing the foundations has to be carried out perfectly. A layer of gravel or sand should then be laid and covered with a polyethylene membrane to keep any water out.

    Next install a wood frame around the edge of the area and screed rails on opposite sides of the outside of the frame. Level the cement using trowels and leave to cure for the requisite time. Mechanical help will be needed at the start of the operation so make enquiries about excavator hire in Perth well in advance of starting the build.


    Build the walls, doors, windows and roof

    It’s recommended to build sections of wall frames. Skeleton and corner frames will be sufficient at this stage. Don’t forget to:-

    • Insulate the walls which should be a width of approximately 450mm
    • Use rammed earth to fill the wall forms
    • Use a mechanical device or use a hand rammer to ram the earth
    • Remove the wall forms

    Remember rammed earth dries out very quickly so when the wall frames are full, take the bolts from the door forms and fill the gaps. Cover all of these forms at night just in case it should rain. Doors and windows can then be created. It’s advisable to:-

    1. Use concrete frames rather than wooden frames for windows as they resist any weather conditions
    2. Slant the outside lip of the window to the outside to make drainage easy

    Hiring a reputable roofing company may be the best idea or standard roofing techniques can be used. Then it’s onto the interior. Just apply plaster over metal laths which should be attached to the wall. A plumber and electrician can then be called in to install the electrics and plumbing. Hey presto a rammed earth house that looks good and is absolutely wonderful to live in!

    Hire the necessary equipment when building

    It’s easy to hire equipment when building a home, office, factory or warehouse. Reliable Bobcat and excavator hire Perth companies offer great rates and provide a fantastic customer service. Any questions just ask. There are many different sizes of excavators, mini excavators, tip trucks and Bobcats to hire to carry out any task safely, professionally and speedily. Why not find out more about:-

    1. Commercial excavation
    2. Bobcat hire
    3. Site cleans
    4. Rock breaking
    5. Lawn preparation

    Use reliable plant hire firms that will help with any excavation work. RME offers excavator hire at affordable prices for construction, landscaping or demolition projects, all under one roof.

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