• Concreting- Best Flooring Tips For Your Home

    Concreting has become the stylish choice for your floors these days. Homeowners prefer installing concrete flooring at every corner of their house. The reason behind the increasing popularity is its exceptional looks and cost effectiveness. Concrete flooring is available in number of patterns, colors, designs and dyes. Whether you wish to have plain concrete or a stained one, you can get it all in a competitive price.

    Concrete floor

    In addition to this, concrete is considered as an eco-friendly material. Concreting does not hamper the natural resources and is developed locally. In fact, it will save your energy bills with its feature to absorb warm and cool air. No doubt, once you have installed concrete flooring, you can reap its benefits for years.

    Best Concrete Flooring Maintenance Tips

    • Cleaning Concrete- It is crucial to clean your concrete flooring at least once in six months. It is important to remove the build up dust, rust and other stains. You can clean the interior floors with wet mopping with mild cleaner. In order to remove the stains, you must use a strong soap with ammonia and rub it a little harder.
    • Repairing Cracks and Sealing- In order to reduce the intrusion of water, you need to keep an eye on the cracks in the floor. Any cracks can turn into a big problem in the future and can ruin the entire flooring. To fix this issue, you will have to apply the sealing products to the affected area. Sealing can reduce water intrusion and can prevent dust from building up in the joints. In fact, it will keep away the weeds that can otherwise sprout up via joints and cracks.
    • Polishing- With time, your concrete flooring may lose its original shine even after maintaining it well. Therefore, you must try to get your concrete polished once in a year or two. A thin polished layer on the existing floor will bring back its shine and brightness and will provide a new look to the whole setup. The floor will look entirely and the faded designs will then be visible.

    Concrete Flooring

    Finishing Ideas for your Concrete Flooring

    Staining: You can stain concrete to create almost any color. Colored concrete especially looks good in living rooms and drawing rooms. You can stain concrete by spraying chemicals on it in different patterns and designs. However, you need to make sure that you test any area first before staining the whole lot. Staining is an unpredictable process. You can never be quite sure how a chemical would react to concrete.

    Stamping: When the concrete is curing, you could use a stamp with designs to create interesting patterns. However, this method might not be suitable for indoor concreting.

    Scoring: Scoring is a technique that you can use in finished concrete. Take a saw and draw random patterns on the concrete. Scoring is especially useful if you want to make your concrete look like tile flooring. It can be a cheap alternative to tiled flooring in terms of aesthetics.

    Seal it: This has more to do with maintenance of your concrete floor, although it can have an impact on aesthetics too. There are some sealers that have shine to them. These sealers give your concrete floor a lot more gloss. It is a matter of personal preference though. You can always go for basic sealers to prevent moisture from seeping into your concrete floor.

    Go for Concrete SlabsPolished Floor

    If you are looking for a concreting solution for your home, you could go for readymade concrete slabs. They are easy to install, and are easily changeable too.

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