• Choosing Living Room Furniture

    Alongside the kitchen the living room is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house during waking hours.
    Many homes have open plan living spaces today.  The kitchen, dining room and lounge areas can all be combined in one big room. In this case, the furniture you choose can make a real difference in how the room divides into different areas.
    If, for example, you choose to have a big corner sofa at one end, it can effectively section off the living area without the need for a proper dividing wall.  A corner sofa can create a cosy space ideal for relaxing in and settling down for the evening.
    In the dining area, instead of a full dining table, some people choose to have a foldaway table so that the space can be used for other purposes, such as a place for the children to play during the day.  If your kitchen area is small, you may not have anywhere else to sit down and eat apart from the dining table, in which case you’re more likely to leave it in place all the time.
    Depending on the age of your children, you might choose a tougher table top so that they can draw and paint at it without you worrying about marks and stains.  Children also govern whether you choose fabric-covered dining chairs or not!
    Many modern coffee tables double up as dining tables for impromptu dinners in front of the TV, or as a place to serve snacks and drinks when you have visitors round for the evening.  Again, you can decide which kind of surface is right for your family. A glass-topped table might not be the best choice if it’s going to be constantly smeared with little fingerprints!
    The great thing about home style today is that people are free to do what they want without feeling that they have to conform to anyone else’s version of ‘normal’. Your home is your castle, as the old saying goes, so you should be comfortable when you’re in it.
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