• Carpet Installer Expert: Quick Guide To Find One

    You probably aren’t sure how to find the best carpet installers for the job. Thankfully, there are several different things that you can do. We’ll cover some of the basics here. By the end of this article, you should be able to find a good, reliable, highly recommended carpet installer.

    Ask For A General Estimate First

    The number one thing to do when you call up carpet installers in your area is ask for a basic estimate of costs. This is usually given per square foot. If the person on the other end of the line says that it costs more than $6 per square foot to have carpet installed, don’t hire them. This is a very high price. Try the next company in line and look for an estimate somewhere in the range of between three and four dollars per square foot. You shouldn’t have to pay any more than that.

    Look For a Company with Experience and Check Reviews

    The best companies are those that have been around for a while. They have plenty of experience when it comes to installing flooring. Look for a business that has been open for years and can provide you with references. You can either do a search online in order to come up with a list of companies to sift through – looking for those with the required experience levels – or ask your friends, neighbors, and family members for referrals. Feel free to look at online reviews of the company as well. Although some of the reviews might be placed out of retaliation (it’s impossible to please everyone), many of them will be honest and contain the necessary information to help you make a decision.

    Ask About Credentials

    Some of the credentials to look for include a contractor’s license (one that’s current, of course), business liability insurance, and a surety bond. They also should have a worker’s compensation plan in place for all of their employees. These are the bare minimum. If they have more credentials than that, then they’re definitely the right people for the job. All of these things are in place to protect both you and the company. Any contractor without these credentials is one who either doesn’t know what he or she is doing or someone who might be out to cheat you out of your hard-earned money.

    Ask For A Specific Estimate And Any Other Charges

    The last thing that you want is to be surprised when you receive the final bill. Once you’ve chosen a contractor, it’s time to ask for specifics. In order to prevent these types of issues, ask for a specific estimate on your carpeting, as well as some general guesswork on additional charges for things that might pop up during the installation process. For example, you might need to have some subflooring repaired or a different type of carpet pile than you already own. It’s best to be prepared, at least mentally, for anything that could occur.

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