• Budget Interior Design Ideas

    Budget Interior Design Ideas – You must already know how important the role of the budget in an interior design project planning. There might be a lot of tips out there talking about this, but it would be much better to keep reminding us all on this given budget plays a very fundamental contribution on the succeed of a home construction. In the beginning of a home interior design project plan will certainly be begun with the calculation of the budget. Therefore, we can say that the budget will be the captain of whether the construction will go smoothly or stagnating.


    And here are some tips that you can consider in adjusting the interior design with the budget:

    1. The interior concept

    The interior concept or design will be the first factor to be adjusted with the budget. Sincet the interior concept is a reflection of your personality, preferences, tastes and culture of your family, make sure that budget can accommodate your desire well.

    2. Walls and Flooring

    The material covering the walls (paint) and the flooring (tile) really depends on your budget. For the paint color, the quality of paint is the price you have to pay, so that the budget will determine the clarity and the endurance of the color paint. But, if you still insist to have some kind of uniqueness in your interior walls, consider using wallpapers. Meanwhile, when it comes to the flooring, you may want to exclude the hardwood or marble tile from the flooring option list since they both are quite expensive.

    3. Lighting

    Maximizing natural lighting (sunlight) during the daytime can be the most effective cost saving idea, so that the presence of adequate windows is highly recommended. While during the night, to further keep the electricity cost low, it’s recommended to integrate one to two LED lamps. Though it’s quite expensive, but it’s pretty efficient to keep your electricity bill low while still having a bright light in your living room.

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