• Best Tips & Treatments For Weevils

    Having weevils trouble? You don’t have to worry, Go-Forth Pest Control has you covered. Follow our tips and tricks to ward off weevils from your home, especially your foods.

    There are three types of weevils; Grain weevil, Rice weevil and Maize weevil.

    What are the different characteristics?

    Grain weevil

    Grain weevil also is known as Granary weevil are 3-4mm long, and it is dark brown with a shiny appearance. The grain weevil has 8-segmented antennae, prothorax with distinct oblong-oval punctures, and no hindwings

    Rice weevil

    Rice weevil is 2-3.5mm long, dark brown with four distinct reddish spots on the elytra. Unlike grain weevil, the rice weevil is less shiny. It has 8-segmented antennae; prothorax with irregular or round punctures and hindwings

    Maize weevil

    The maize weevil is quite similar has the same characteristics listed above, but it is longer; the adult are 3-3.5mm long

    So, if you see a strange, long-nosed bug weevil flying or crawling in or around your cabinet or pantry where you store your food, you may be dealing with weevil infestation. There two types of weevils one infest your food or while the other destroy plants in your garden. However, they both have one thing in common- they are annoying!

    How to control food-infesting weevils

    Check all stored foods to see if weevils are feeding or infesting them

    Examine the foods type of food these pesky insects prefer to eat; whole grains, rice, seeds, cereals, dried beans, corn or nuts. You may see weevils outside the foods area; it is advisable to inspect all foods in the home to ensure all weevils are found and exterminated

    Empty all foods from the pantry or areas that are infested; if they infested or suspect they may be infested and you to eliminate them yourself. You need to check if it can survive cold or heat; if so, kill the weevils, the eggs, pupae and larvae by heating the product to 140F for 15 minutes or freeze them at 0F for three days.

    Remove all food from the shelves, and vacuum from top to bottom and floor using crevice or brush attachments. Pay close attention to edges of the shelves, corners and wall junctures to make sure they are captured. Empty the vacuum bag outside the house.

    Also, clean or vacuum all areas around the infested areas. For example, sweep and clean the kitchen floor, remove items from the countertops and clean thoroughly. Pull out the refrigerator, stove and other appliances and clean beneath them.

    Put all foods in tightly sealed containers or store in freezer or refrigerator for the next one month to make sure weevil infestation is wholly eliminated.

    Do not use chemical treatments for weevils

    Chemical treatments are not recommended for weevil management; do not use insecticides around foods. Using pesticide around food may affect your health or your loved ones. If you must use an insecticide, get only those that are tagged for cracks and crevice treatment in the food area. Also, ensure you STRICTLY follow all label instructions. Also, contact your local pest control operator, for tips and tricks on how to get rid of pesky pests in your home and garden.

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