• 7 Cleaning Tips To Maintain Longevity Of Carpets

    Carpet Cleaning

    A carpet can single-handedly up your room’s appearance, not to mention the warmth and comfort it provides. While instantly upgrading your style statement, carpeted floors, through their cushioning, also offer shock absorption. Perfectly lovely for sitting, walking, and lying on, carpets are, indeed, valuable home decor.

    On the flip side, carpets can hold plenty of dust mites, dirt, and germs that can cause several respiratory ailments. Moreover, who’d fancy looking at dirty carpets?

    Replacing carpets each year is undoubtedly a costly affair. You can maintain the longevity of carpets by handling them properly and protecting them over time. So, regularly cleaning your carpet is a must.

    Here are seven simple and easy cleaning tips for maintaining the longevity of carpets:

    1. Vacuum The Carpets Regularly

    Although your carpet might appear clean, it always holds onto invisible germs, dust, and allergens. So, it’s essential to clean the carpets regularly. Make sure to adhere to a consistent vacuuming routine. Vacuum your carpet at least once or twice a week and even more often if you have pets.

    This way, your carpet that is otherwise a catchall for dust and dirt, remains thoroughly clean. When cleaning the carpet, roll the vacuum cleaner on it multiple times with alternate horizontal and vertical movements. It lets the appliance pull dust particles from the carpet’s fibers entirely, thus extending its lifespan.

    2. Engage The Services of Professionals

    Cleaning carpets is undoubtedly an overwhelming task. You may need to spend substantial time and effort on this task in your already hectic daily schedule. Why not hire a professional cleaning company like carpet cleaners centurion?

    Such professional cleaners have vast experience and knowledge and use high-quality steam cleaning tools. This modern system removes dust, sandy soil, and germs from the carpet, raising its life expectancy immeasurably.

    Professional cleaners also use superior-quality, environment-friendly cleaning products for the best possible dirt and stain removal—no over-wetting and leaving sticky remains behind. So, you can keep your carpet lovely, in fact, just like the day you bought it and also save time and effort.

    3. Avoid Rubbing Spill Stains

    Regardless of how cautious you are, carpet spills are unavoidable. If you scrub the spill stains, you will end up only damaging the carpet. Scrubbing carpet spills is, indeed, the worst means of removing them.

    The reason is that scrubbing generates heat that settles the spill stains or spots on the carpet’s surface. Moreover, scrubbing also breaks carpet fibers, giving the stained area a worn-out appearance.

    Whenever there’s a spill, it’s best to blot the stain. Apply a little pressure with a clean rag and keep blotting till the patch dries up completely. It prevents the stain from spreading deeper into the fabric and retains the carpet’s original texture.

    4. Clean Carpet Spills Immediately

    As for carpet cleaning, one of our biggest negligences is not cleaning the incidental spills right away. Letting spill stains sit on the carpet will only make it harder to get them out. It will certainly hamper your carpet’s longevity.

    So, start cleaning spill stains the moment you see them. When the spill’s fresh, you could even succeed in obliterating it.

    Blot oil or curry stains with club soda or spray a mixture of dishwasher detergent and water on them. You can mix vinegar and water to remove the stains. After letting the cleaning agent sit for about fifteen minutes, use a sponge to soak it up. Repeat the process if you can’t eradicate the stains in the first attempt.

    5. Use The Freezing Method To Remove Sticky Substances

    Young kids tend to play with chewing gum, sticking it in several places. What if a wad of gum gets in your carpet? Sadly, carpet fibers and gum bond exceptionally well.

    Even so, you must free your carpet from this gummy, sticky nuisance to extend its lifespan. Break this connection with the ice. Yes, rub ice over the sticky mess to freeze it for about half a minute, i.e., till it hardens. Remove the hardened gum from the carpet with a spoon and dispose of it immediately.

    6. Remove Stubborn Stains With Shaving Cream

    Blood and ink stains are, no doubt, a pain. Fret not. Ordinary shaving cream does the trick. The soapy and lathery characteristics of a shaving cream help take stubborn stains off the carpet’s surface.

    Dab ample quantities of the foamy substance onto the stained patch. Leave it for halfan hour to one hour. Once the shaving cream dries up, blot it to rid your carpet of the stain. Spray some water on the patch. Dry it with a wet-dry vacuum cleaner.

    7. Commercial Cleaning Agents Are A Strict No-no

    Although the market is full of commercial carpet cleaners, consumer experts advise against using them. Commercial cleaning agents contain plenty of harmful chemicals. Cleaning your carpets with such harsh products can weaken the fabric, making it appear worn out and lose color a lot sooner.

    What’s more, these cleaners are also environmental and health hazards. For instance, fumes from solvents containing butoxyethanol can damage the liver and kidneys.

    It’s safe to use household cleaners such as vinegar or essential oil. These are also very effective on carpets.


    Now you have some of the simplest and most time-saving ways to clean your carpet and keep it looking new. All you’ve got to do is follow a cleaning routine, use smart tricks, stick to specific no-nos, and hire professional experts for advanced cleaning.

    Longevity guaranteed.

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