• 5 Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like Home After a Move

    After moving into a new house, you and your family will need weeks and even months before everyone can fully adjust and feel truly at home. This is because living in a new house means being immersed in a strange, unfamiliar territory, one that can make anyone feel homesick and uncomfortable.

    The best interstate removalists are quick to point out, though, that there are different techniques you can apply to make a new house more comfortable immediately after a move. Once you are successful in adding some familiar touches to your new place, everyone will soon feel more comfortable and safe in the new house.

    Here are some tips for making your new house homier soon after moving in:

    1. Arrange the bedrooms first

    You won’t be able to set up all the rooms in one day. But you can ensure each member of your family will find a room familiar and comfortable by setting up their bedrooms first.

    Clean and disinfect the beds, floor, and other furniture and fixtures here before placing the beddings. If you brought your beds with you, assemble them.

    If your removalists brought the boxes and other items labeled “bedroom” in these rooms, you won’t have a hard time unpacking and setting up these rooms first.

    In case you have older kids, let them arrange their bedrooms the way they prefer. Tell them they can set it up to mimic their old bedrooms or in any way they like. Don’t forget to assist them when they need help.

    2. Set up the kitchen

    Nothing can be more effective in making a house feel homier and all occupants feel better than the familiar scents of home-cooked meals wafting through your new abode.

    As such, prioritize unpacking your kitchen next. In case the kitchen is fully furnished and you haven’t cleaned the room yet, clean the stove, fridge, sink, and other appliances and furniture first.

    If you have to set up the gas stove, fridge, and other appliances, do them properly or get help from professionals.

    Once you’re set, start by cooking dishes that your kids love.

    3. Display items that remind everyone of your former home

    Although you can’t recreate the ambiance of your old home immediately, there are certain items that you brought which can elicit some good memories and help reduce feelings of unfamiliarity.

    This means hanging or arranging family pictures on the shelves as soon as possible. Arrange paintings, family heirlooms, and other decor that hold sentimental value as well.

    If you brought your old furniture pieces with you, try to set them up immediately in the living room and kitchen.

    4. Change or improve the lighting in your home

    Lighting is important in setting the mood in your home. If you think the lights are too bright or dim, replace them.

    Opt for warm, compact fluorescent bulbs since they can give your home softer and comfier illumination. They are more energy efficient as well and, as such, you can save some money on your energy bills.

    In case the windows are covered with dark drapes, replace them with the window treatments you brought. Choose light-colored curtains so that you can let more natural light enter your home.

    If the windows are bare, make sure you prioritize hanging your window treatments. They will give you and your family privacy. The window treatments can also make a room look more complete, allowing everyone to feel more settled into their new space.

    5.    Replace the locks

    Lastly, if you haven’t changed the locks in your new home, do this as soon as possible.

    Changing the locks will make you and everyone feel more secure. This is an important stage everyone has to go through before they can start feeling truly at home in the new house.

    As a bonus tip, spend as much time as you can with your family. Cook and dine together during all mealtimes. Watch your favorite movies together in the living or entertainment room.

    Finally, hang out with your kids in their bedrooms. If you have young kids, ask them if they want you to sleep in their bedroom so that they won’t feel scared at night.

    There is nothing easy about moving to a new home with your family. Everyone will struggle with homesickness and living in a strange house. But by knowing what to prioritize, you can help everyone adjust to their new life, feel safer and more comfortable in your new house as soon as possible.

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