• 5 Upgrades for Your Studio Apartment

    People living in the city center typically learn to deal with less space than those living in sprawling suburban homes. Simply put, space is the most valuable commodity in apartment buildings.

    Nowhere is that more clear than in studio apartments where every square inch of the place needs to be utilized to the max due to their smaller size.

    We asked real estate experts at Neuman & Neuman what kinds of upgrades and updates are best for small apartments, adding both functionality while you live there and resale value once you decide to move out.

    Paint It, White

    You’ve probably heard this before, but painting your home a bright color (preferably white) will make the space look significantly bigger than it really is. Not to mention that the classic white look fits amazingly with just about any style you want to furbish your studio apartment with.

    White walls also help if you have a limited amount of natural light available, as it reflects it better and creates an overall brighter and more pleasant environment. Interior designers also recommend using the same color palette for your furniture to create a continuity of space.

    Add Plenty of Light

    As mentioned previously, light is one of the most important features of a small apartment. If there is not enough of natural light, you should strive to compensate with the use of various artificial lights.

    Invest in a good ceiling light, preferably with an LED light source. Nowadays, you can pick the tone of light you want, ranging from bright white to more natural-emulating tones. However, don’t stop at the single ceiling light, as a single source of light can quickly break the illusion of a natural light source.

    Instead, think lamps – have at least 2-3 desk or standing lamps which will diffuse the light and create a more natural light ambient.

    Small Shelves Everywhere

    Storage space tends to be limited in studio apartments. Therefore, any space you do have should be used to store your clothes and important things. That means that you won’t really have the space for a massive bookshelf full of books and small decorations or house plants.

    However, a home without decorations and books feels a bit vacant and cold. Therefore, floating wall shelves might be the best option. These shelves do not occupy floor space and are fully wall-mounted, but can be pretty big and carry quite heavy loads.

    What’s more, the shape, color and size of these wall-mounted shelves can be used as another design piece. If you really want to experiment, you can add accent LED lights to them.

    Loft Beds

    If your ceiling is high enough, you may be able to install a loft bed – giving your studio apartment a bit more space. One of the most common combinations is a loft bed on top of a work desk. This way, you don’t have to compromise between having a home office and a full sleeping area in a small apartment.

    Another quite common setup is having a loft bed on top of a closet. This is typically a better option in studio apartments where the ceiling is lower and doesn’t lend itself well to a desk and bed combo.

    Mirror, Mirror on (All the) Walls

    Another very old trick to make the place look bigger than it is – adding mirrors to a few walls will create an illusion of larger space and make you a bit more comfortable if you’re a bit claustrophobic.

    Apart from hanging mirrors on your walls, you can have closet doors and even your bathroom door be a big mirror, provided you aren’t too concerned of seeing yourself shambling to the bathroom after you wake up in the morning.

    There are many more tips you can use to save space in a small apartment, but if you manage to apply these, you should find it easy to apply them and get plenty of additional space.

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