• 5 Common Misconceptions About Double Glazing Windows

    If you’re a homeowner thinking about new windows for your property, it’s important to consider double glazing as the best option. With a wide range of noticeable benefits and versatility in terms of style and functionality, double glazing windows have fast become the first choice for people choosing new windows in the UK.


    However, when homeowners are shopping around for new windows, there are a lot of things said that simply aren’t true when it comes to double glazing. Kenneth Hislop of Window Advice Centre – double glazing specialists in Glasgow – says “we hear things all the time that aren’t true about double glazing, and our customers are amazing when we tell them the truth about the costs and advantages of having double glazing windows installed”.

    If you’re considering new windows for your home, here are 5 common misconceptions about double glazing windows, and what the facts really are.

    Double Glazing Windows All Look The Same

    Wrong! Double glazing windows are available in a huge range of styles, colours and finishes to suit even the most particular desired aesthetic. Arguably the most popular choice in UPVC double glazing windows are a class white frame, simply because for some people this is perhaps the cheapest option. Many double glazing windows are also available to purchase to look like timber, with all the benefits of UPVC.

    Double Glazing Windows Aren’t Suitable For Period Properties

    Incorrect! In fact, many period properties have custom-made double-glazing windows so that they are able to retain their classic appearance whilst enjoying all the benefits that double glazing has to offer. Now, window styles traditionally suited to period properties, such as sash windows, are widely available with double glazing.

    Double Glazing Is The Most Expensive Option For New Windows

    Not true! Although double glazing windows require an initial investment, they certainly aren’t the most expensive option for new windows. The cost of your new double glazing windows will largely depend on the styles and sizes of windows you select, and of course the number of windows you require. As an example, a more expensive option would be triple glazing which is a window made up of three panes of glass for increased security and additional insulation.

    Double Glazing Only Has The Advantage Of An Extra Pane

    Not the case! The extra pane glass is certainly an advantage, but there are many others too which far outweigh the advantages of traditional single glazing, including increased thermal efficiency, noise reduction, better insulation, low maintenance, and more.


    Double Glazing Doesn’t Add Value To Your Home

    Absolutely Not! In fact, it’s quite the opposite. By installing brand new double glazing windows in your home, you could add monetary value to your home between 3-10%! Double glazing windows not only give your property curb appeal, but they also increase the energy efficiency of you home, which is an important factor when selling your house.

    Insightful? We Hope So!

    Before making any sizeable improvement to your property, it’s vital that you’ve got your facts straight before making a decision. Contrary to the belief of some, double glazing; does add value to your property, is available in range of styles, can be suited to period properties, is not the most expensive option, and isn’t the most expensive option for new windows.

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