• 3 Myths Uncovered about Interior Design and Staging

    With the simplicity of access to ideas on the Internet, everyone can pick up the courage and do the interior design of the rooms. There are numerous blogs whose prime purpose is to educate ambitious “self-made” interior designers on how to execute their ideas correctly. Moreover, ready-made visuals of how a room should look are always at disposal and a click away from the searcher. You can even go as deep as educating yourself about Feng shui or hygge lifestyles and see whether their philosophies will resonate with your mood and habits.

    However, even though you might think you can find everything about interior design online (which you probably can), putting the knowledge you’ve gained into action is not as easy as it seems. Interior design is a market worth $16.1 bn in the USA, and it currently ranks 18th in the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services industry. It is also the 427th-largest industry in the USA.

    This brings us to the fact that professional interior designers have special skills that can’t be replaced by the information you collect from the Internet. In addition, here are X more uncovered myths about interior design and staging.

    Hiring an Interior Designer Depersonalizes the Place

    This is a myth that is often forced onto people who are in pursuit of the “right” interior designer for their home. The truth is that interior designers are specialised in finding the solution that fits you and only you. Yes, they have a pattern of work and techniques that they use to decorate a significant number of homes in a similar way. Still, they will include everything in the décor that resembles your attitude, preferences, and way of life. With an interior designer, you can discover what it is that makes you comfortable and relaxed.

    Interior Designers Can Help Only After Building or Renovating

    Very often, when people hire a contractor that takes care of the building or renovation process of your home, they are given the advice to get in touch with an interior designer only after everything is finished. It is believed that the interior designer can help with the décor and nothing else. This is a huge misunderstanding. The reality is that the interior designer will work with the renovation team from the first phase of the job and contribute to the finished result.

    They can follow the flow of the team’s work and plan the décor according to the basics set in the room. If something doesn’t align with the design, the designer can intervene. For example, if a nice wallpaper is planned for a wall in the living room and the contractor is thinking about installing wall sconces on that particular wall, the interior designer can tell the team not to put anything on the wall, saving money and time to the owner.

    Interior Designers Can Also Be Virtual Stagers

    When it comes to staging a house for a sale, people seek advice from interior designers to help them stage the home in real life or virtually. This is a mistake. There are specialised professionals who tackle the issues with staging to sell a house fast, and they are called staging designers or virtual staging designers if the staging is done only virtually. The difference between these specialists is that interior designers deal with the whole interior décor with the purpose of making the place the most enjoyable and comfortable home for the owners, while the stagers’ most important goal is to follow trends and preferences of current homebuyers and stage the rooms in order to enable a fast sale for the owners.

    To Sum Up

    Collaborating with an interior design might cost you a small fortune, but taking into consideration that they will facilitate your future big time and enable you to enjoy the comfort you are in search of, it is totally worth it.

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